Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Our program is not limited to the initial stages of the business neither it is confined to already multifunctional businesses instead we serve them all. Whether you need to start a team to build your business from scratch or you are an already developed business, our service is for everyone.

Recruitment Services

Providing a comprehensive understanding of recruitment and talent management

We are one of the leading companies to provide leading recruitment, senior appointments and talent management solutions globally. Our study on the subject of recruitment has been comprehensive, the services we offer are designed not just to attract but to retain the best talent for our clients.

Due to our in-depth research on each sector of the business, we understand the technicalities each sector requires and thus recruit the talent based on the requirements purely.

Professional Appointments

The network we have built while working for Absol Tech and the already gained experience of our team allows us to a targeted approach to people that have learned the importance of time and are professionally skilled. We only give out the chance of recruitment to people we vouch for. Our method of vouching makes sure the person is reliable and rightly skilled to be on board with the rest of the members.

Following is the list of positions we actively recruit for:

Senior Management

Skilled Professionals

Technical Specialists

Permanent or Interim

Contract Recruitment

Sometimes we offer contract-based recruitment. The type of recruitment you will be offered is based on the nature of the project you are being offered. Absol Tech is a recruiting agency for global projects. We support a broad range of clients by placing contractors on global projects and supporting short-term hiring needs.

Senior Management

Interim finance


Project & Program

Research & Development

Tailored Talent Solutions

Providing a solution that is based on the need of the client is how any business succeeds. At Absol Tech we make sure that the need of our client is heard and understood and that any solution that is formed is based on the client’s need. We offer the skills and personnel to support everything from numerous vacancy ads to worldwide relocations to talent assessments and onboarding services.

Cost savings and value

Strong standard of new hires

Applicant tracking and technology services

In-house legal support

Global relocation and PEO services